Nerve Block Injection Therapy
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Nerve Block Injections Peachtree City: HealthChoice Chiropractic

What is nerve block therapy?

Nerve block therapy can be a safe way to target pain at its root, directly in the nerve. It is possible to block the pain by directly injecting blockers into the nerve group causing the pain.

Nerve block therapy is an injection of local anesthetic directly into the nerve group that is associated with a patient’s pain. Nerve block therapy has become an effective and trusted way to treat chronic pain. Many people who suffer from chronic pain receive nerve block therapy on a regular basis. Nerve block therapy is a safe alternative to surgery to control pain and return the patient to normal mobility and function.

Areas of the body that nerve blocking is used to treat:

  • Shoulder
  • Elbow
  • Wrist
  • Knee
  • Ankle
  • Foot

Peripheral Nerve Blocks:

Peripheral Nerve Blocks may be used to minimize symptoms associated with Peripheral Neuropathy.  Often there is true numbness, but most people with Neuropathy also struggle with symptoms such as tingling, burning, electrical shocks, tightness, walking on cobblestone sensation, etc. In most cases, with peripheral neuropathy, nerves have become constricted over time.

Originally Peripheral Nerve Blocks were used to truly numb the painful symptoms associated with Neuropathy and provide a few hours of simple relief. We found that by blocking the sympathetic nervous system causing a state of constriction, the peripheral nervous system is then stimulated to open, dilate, and increase flow.

A Medical Doctor or  Nurse Practitioner will perform an Ultrasound guided nerve block to bathe a small amount of Lidocaine and Marcaine to the affected area. These short and long acting anesthetics may provide immediate and sustained relief of symptoms.

One may experience no change in numbness, a reprieve from the symptoms, or a heavy block sensation. Motor function remains, only the sensory nerves will be blocked. One may function as one usually does, increasing endurance as symptoms improve.The nerve block will wear off within 1-8 hours, but the previous symptoms hopefully will return less severe.

At Healthchoice, we will empower you with techniques that may help your vascular and neurological system to reinnervate and assist healing.

Nerve block injections Peachtree City:

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Dr. Marchese and staff are the best! After years of dealing with regular sciatica type issues the decompression table and adjustments have considerably lessened the frequency and severity of flare ups where other chiropractors never gave me any relief. Highly recommend!

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