Trigger Point Injection Therapy
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Trigger Point Injections Peachtree City: HealthChoice Chiropractic

Trigger point injection therapy to treat peripheral neuropathy

Trigger points are pressure points that have developed within a muscle. They are bands of muscles that have become too tight and may be felt as a painful area within the muscle of the body or the spine. When most people talk about having a “knot” in their neck or back, this is what they are referring to. Trigger points or knots, can result in pain in the direct area, referred pain, muscle weakness and restricted movement and flexibility of the spine.

Trigger point injection therapy Peachtree City

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Dr. Noah and his staff are extremely professional and very well organized. I was able to to schedule my appointment the day I called. Once I got there I was greeted with a smile and waited in a comfortable waiting room. Dr. Noah was very professional and started my assessment quickly realizing exactly what I needed to relieve my lower back pain. I recommend his services and would not go anywhere else!


Jarrett O.


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